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HAPPY TRAVELER   good for dogs! good for cats!   Made In USA

Happy Traveler

An all-natural herbal calming formula for stressed, nervous, or anxious pets.
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Made In USA

Formulated with the highest quality botanicals, Happy Traveler was designed by a holistic veterinarian and PhD herbal scientist to ease anxiety and motion sickness. Useful for separation anxiety, travel anxiety, to socialize a nervous or excitable pet into a new environment, during thunderstorms, fireworks, airline travel, visits to groomers, and kennels. With your Vet’s approval, helps your pet during recovery from surgery/injury by relaxing them to minimize chewing on bandages and sutures. Non-habit forming. No harmful side effects when used as directed. Made in the USA.
Product Specifications

All natural ingredients help to calm pets.  Non-habit forming.  No harmful side effects when used as directed.
Recommended Use:
Up to 25 lbs- 1 capsule
Up to 75 lbs- 2 capsules                             
Over 75 lbs- 3 capsules
For dogs and cats 12 weeks and older. 
Active Ingredients:
·         Valerian
·         German Chamomile
·         L-Tryptophan
·         St. Johns Wort
Inactive Ingredients:
·         Gelatin (capsule)
·         Magnesium stearate
·         Microcrystalline
·         Cellulose
·         Whey
Customer Reviews (7 Reviews)
These really work!
Posted by: Marietta B on 7/16/2013 9:27 PM
5 / 5
I have a dog who fears thunder, fireworks and just about any loud noises. I'm so happy to have found these pills! I give her one when a storm is approaching and she stresses much less. She still gets scared and wants to be held, but she will usually get comfortable and fall asleep. I highly recommend these.
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Happy News about Happy Traveler
Posted by: Anonymous U on 7/22/2011 10:56 AM
5 / 5
My adopted and presumably abused lab chow mix had problems when people weren't home. We live in a 110 year old house with beautiful woodworking.  When INdy would have an anxiety attack when we weren't home, he would chew and claw the woodwork. He ate his way through a three inch wood front door.

I took him to training, locked him in a safe room, fed him just before leaving, and walked him, but nothing worked. That is until I found Happy Traveler.  I first gave it to him in December with good results. I took him off it in January and sure enough he attacked another door. So I put him back on it. I give it to him when I leave and he has not destroyed anything in over a month! I am immensely pleased with the results.
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Excellent for Behavior Modification
Posted by: Anonymous U on 7/21/2011 5:03 PM
5 / 5
I am a canine behavioral specialist and director of field operations at a local Humane Society. I am always on the lookout for ways to break unwanted behavior in our pets. This product has turned out to be an excellent addition to my behavior modification tools.

When people come home and find their house or yard torn up by their dog, they automaticall assume the dog is teething or rebelling against them. Many times this has more to do with anxiety attacks. Happy Travelr reduces anxiety and can help to stop unwanted destructed behavior.

I have used Happy Traveler in conjunction with many training programs.  It works very well with aggression. A lady adopted a Chow from our shelter. She took the dog home and realized the dog wanted to attack her cats. After starting the dog on Happy Traveler the dog stopped this bad behavior almost immediately. One person's Siamese cat meowed constantly keeping her up at night. A short dose of Happy Traveler stopped this behavior.

Happy Traveler can be used with pets that are afraid of fireworks and other loud noises. It calms them down so they can relax. I refer this product freely and am confident that it has kept many pets in the home and out of animal shelters.
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Helped during Thunderstorms
Posted by: Anonymous U on 7/21/2011 4:48 PM
4 / 5
Happy Traveler really helps calm our Doberman during thunderstorms.
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Worked Miracles!
Posted by: Anonymous U on 7/21/2011 3:13 PM
5 / 5
We use Happy Traveler for our five year old male shar-pei. He gets car sick and is petrified of thunderstorms. This product works miracles for him!
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Great Product!
Posted by: Anonymous U on 7/21/2011 2:22 PM
5 / 5
I work at an animal shelter and needed to take Frankie, a Chinese Shar Pei, to the airport to meet its owner who was flying him back home with her. Frankie was wary of strangers. I was the only person on staff he would allow to walk him or handle him without snapping or even trying to bite. His owner gave us permission to have a vet administer a tranquilizer but I would then have to carry Frankie a distance equal to many city blocks and this wasn't practical with a 50-pound dog.  Instead we decided to try using Happy Traveler. We gave Frankie the Happy Traveler wrapped in peanut butter and a few minutes later Frankie rode in the passenger seat of my van, looking out the window and having a wonderful time. At the airport, Frankie walked on lead with me through a very crowded airport and terminal gate where we waited quite a while for his owner's flight. He was fully alert and mobile at all times but happy; content to have mobs of strangers around him and never attempted to bite. I was truly amazed!  The owner called the next day to say that a kind flight attendant let Frankie sit on a seat next to her and that he was a perfect gentleman with everyone. I am very impressed with Happy Traveler. I know of no conventional medication or tranquilizer that would have worked so well, or as safely. Great product!
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Very happy with results!
Posted by: Anonymous U on 7/19/2011 5:23 PM
5 / 5
We have two dogs - Babalu and Samantha Sue, along with a 6 month baby. Samantha Sue has a tendency to get "spooked" easily and snap from time to time which concerns us as our baby wil be crawling soon and could inadvertently get in Samanth's way. Friends told us about your Happy Traveler all natural calming formula and we've been very happy with the results. Samantha Sue is much calmer now and we feel more secure with how she interacts with our baby.

Babalu uses your Joint Rescue as he has a tendency to limp from time to time. Since using your formula, he too seems much healthier (and happier).
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