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Pawsing to chat about stinky pet breath- and other dental issues

”Human do you not get it, I’m about to eat your hand” Lily barked and I got the message.

That being said my alternative was to find  a photo to illustrate the point of the article……. meaning ……...if you can brush your pet’s teeth & your pet welcomes the attention,  it appears you have the whole dog/cat dental issue under control…and don’t need any suggestions from Ark Naturals...

Seriously, is there anyone in cyber world who does not understand pet stinky breath?   I think not.  And, here’s a scary statistic.   Studies have shown that between 70-80% of all dogs and cats somewhere between the ages of 2 and 3 years old begin showing signs of oral health issues.

In 2008 when Ark Naturals introduced its BrushLess Toothpaste and Plaque Zapper, pet guardians worldwide began to email me for advice, wondering if our dental products were the magic dental cure-all.  I always respond – it’s only a piece of the puzzle.  Pet dental health is a joint venture between you, your pet and your pet’s vet.

Typically pet owners think that pet stinky breath is the real problem.  Sorry, pet stinky breath is socially unacceptable, disgusting to humans and probably interferes with your ability to cuddle and kiss – but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.   Pet dental disease affects your pet’s ability to chew and digest their food and possibly even play with their toys.  At its most serious, dental disease can potentially affect your pet’s heart, kidneys and liver.

My recommendations:

  • Best case scenario, start taking care of your pet’s teeth as soon as their permanent teeth are in place.
  • Brush your pet’s teeth if possible.  If your pet allows you to use a pet toothbrush and pet toothpaste that’s great.
  • If not- I urge you to choose an all natural, healthy dental product that is free of artificial colors, flavors and crazy additives.
  • Breath-Less  BrushLess Toothpaste (now in 3 sizes) with 3 different bacteria stats in the center (including pet toothpaste) is one recommendation.
  • Breath-Less  Plaque Zapper –  a great choice for  cats as well as dogs is another solution.
  • Should you prefer to use another product – we urge you to read the ingredient panel – not just the 1st couple of ingredients and google the ingredients you are unfamiliar with.
  • Be consistent.  The more consistent you are the less stressful it will be for your pet.
  • Don’t expect miracles.  Unfortunately, like other products in the marketplace (pet as well as human) some work better than others.
  • Discuss your pet’s dental issues with your vet.
  • Professional dental cleanings may be needed.
  • Don’t go MIA on your pet.  Dental issues don’t disappear.  They only get worse.

Remember at the end of the day – you are the one making the decisions.

We urge you to consider the age and health of your pet – What may be appropriate for one pet may not be appropriate for your friend’s pet.

Oh and one more thing – stinky breath is not a deal breaker for me.  I still kiss every dog I love.

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