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One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing you have a clean pup to go home to and snuggle with. Sure, it’s our favorite way of ending our day with a little bit of Netflix, too. While you’re lounging on the couch with your pup, you notice your dog is beginning to itch like he’s never itched before. Poor pup! With your dog scratching his fur off and temperatures getting noticeably hotter, one thing is for certain;

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No one likes a stomach ache. Food doesn’t always sit right with us, or for our dogs. Just like us, different foods and habits can lead our dogs to feeling bloated or uncomfortable. Although having gas and flatulence are normal, excessive digestion issues can be a problem. Fortunately, there’s ways you can help your dog have a happy tummy again! Below, we wanted to share why your dog may have digestion trouble and different ways you can help make it better.

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Happy dog, happy owner, right? As man’s best friend, we want our dogs to feel good each day of their lives. Research has shown dogs relax humans, so it only makes sense we do the same for them! You may have a job, home, errands, and kids to care about, but your pup may have a lot more stress than you think. No one likes stress and its effects, so it is important that we spot when our furry friend is feeling a bit under the weather!

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