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Your little furry friend isn’t just a pet… they’re family! In essence, he, she, or they (if you have a few) have become your children. Since you love them so much, there may come a time when you want to adopt another. Regardless of whether you want a new cat or dog, you’ll have to introduce your current furry baby to the newest addition. It’s extremely important to think about how your pet or pets will handle and adjust to the new companion roaming around the house.

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Dogs are man’s best friend, right? It’s true that Fido may be your most trust companion, who is always by your side and gives you lots of love, but how much do you ACTUALLY know about him? You may know his favorite treat or toy to play with, or his every mood, but do you know what makes him tick? Or, why he acts the way he does? Even though you spend every day with your favorite pup there may be a lot about him that you don’t know or that would even surprise you.

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Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s certainly alright for you to be curious about felines! Cats are complex creatures – one second they’re cuddly and friendly and at the drop of a hat they’re ignoring you or attacking your ankles. Despite their colorful attitudes (which are very human-like), cats love their owners as much as we love them (they just express their love in unique ways).

Cats have been adored by humans for centuries.

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