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For the past two decades our mission has always been to offer the most complete,
scientifically formulated and healthful products for companion animals.
Ark’s product range includes remedy, wellness and lifestyle products.

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Dogs’ eyes are amazing. They have a larger field of vision than humans, and they can see better than us at night. So, it’s our job to help keep these eyes so bright with Ark Naturals’ Eyes So Bright! Dogs’ eyes can tell us a lot about their health, so it’s essential we pay attention to their eyes, and help them stay clean and healthy with the right eye wash!


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A dog’s ears are pretty cute, especially when they’re floppy… but what’s even more amazing is how well he can hear out of those ears! Dogs can hear about four times better than humans! Wow! So, it’s extra important that we make sure they hear all right by using Ears All Right by Ark Naturals.

Next time you want to clean your pup’s ears, grab a bottle of Ears All Right.

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Dog hair everywhere?  When your pup jumps on you, do you often think, “Don’t Shed on me!”? Well, what if you had a product that was thinking AND doing the same thing? Grooming your dog can be easy…when he’s shedding less with Don’t Shed On Me!

Ark Naturals’ Don’t Shed On Me! helps reduce excessive shedding. Don’t Shed On Me! is super easy to use and smells fabulous.

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