Adorable Ark Contest Winners

Adorable Ark Contest Winners

Adorable Ark Contest Runner Ups!

Thank you to all the pet parents out there who submitted a photo for the Adorable Ark Contest! Runner up winners will receive a discount code for our website for 20% off the entire site!


ark contestI miss my pup, Bingo, so much💕
He doesn’t care for much of anything besides sleeping, sunbathing, stealing socks & towels, & whining for mom & dad to come home🤗💕
Bing only cuddles me with when I have food or when mom isn’t around but that’s ok as long as I get my puppy cuddle fix in😍
I love love love my boy & I can’t wait till I see him next😘💕🤗



ark contest“My silly boy Talou would love to win this! We adopted him almost 7 years ago and his “gottcha day” is coming up in November! #adorablearkcontest”







ark contest Charlie_bear_m – Instagram

I am obsessed with @arknaturals Brushless-ToothPaste chews! Now I have kissable fresh breath and sparkling teefies! This is my entry for Ark Naturals #AdorableArkContest Now who wants a smooch? #charliebear #arknaturals #adorablearkcontest #happydog #dogsofinstagram #igdogs #fluffyboys #brushlesstoothpaste #servicedog #havanese #oneadaykeepsthedoctoraway #barkforark




And congratulations to the ultimate winner who will receive a free bag of our Brushless Toothpaste!

ark contest @Giabelle – Instagram

“Can you take this ?! My sweet little boy 😍 You were my best birthday gift I’ve ever gotten, my trusty sidekick, + my very best boy !! From your snuggles, smooches, constant zoomies, + your curious little face..I couldn’t love you any more! This is, hands downs, my favorite picture of you! My little Harry 😘😘 #CandidlyCute #AdorableArkContest #HarryPotter #YoureAWizardBuddy”




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