Best Games to Play With your Pup While Tailgating

Best Games to Play With your Pup While Tailgating

Snacks? Check. Drinks? Check. Jersey? heck. Hot dogs? Check. The pup? Come on, boy! It’s time to go have some fun! He’s so excited to represent his favorite team with his very own jersey. This is the best time of year! Fall weather. Football. Friends.

Upon arriving to the tailgate spot and it’s time to setup. Unpack the food, set up the games and dedicate a nice shaded area for the pup. During setup it’s important to remember to avoid feeding your dog foods such as, onions, garlic, chocolate, chicken wings, avocadoes, grapes, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy. No one wants a sick pup! Instead set out a container of dog treats for friends and family to give to him for being such a good boy.

Tailgating isn’t complete without playing games! Corn hole, KanJam and more, but someone feel a little left out. Here are some games to include your pup while tailgating:

  • Tug of war: He can be a great asset to your team!
  • Flirt pole: bring a flirt pole and entertain your pup all day as he chases the toy on the end of the pole
  • Mind games / muffin tin game: All you need is a muffin tin holder and tennis balls. Hide a few treats in the muffin compartments and put the ball over the treat and let him figure out how to get to them. Or bring some of his favorite mind games from home.
  • Cup game: Bringing plastic cups? Play the cup game with your pup. Hide a treat under one cup and see if your pup can guess which one it’s under.
  • Simon says: Have kids and pups? Perfect! This one is great for the whole family! Play Simon says with the pup included.
  • Basketball – bring a laundry basket and some various sized balls. Lay the balls on one side and the basket on the other and see who can fill the baskets the fastest.

Playing all day can be tiring! A travel water bowl and doggy blanket is a must for a full recharge, and then it’s back out there! Remember to pick up after your dog, and enjoy football season!

Happy fall y’all!

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