Best Places to Bring Your Dog This Summer

Best Places to Bring Your Dog This Summer

Summer is the time for adventure, especially with your furry friend! Where are you headed? There are so many things to do and places to go with your pup. Remember: summer temperatures can be extreme, please be cautious of hot pavement and be sure to keep your pup hydrated!

Here are some great ideas for you and your pup to have a fun summer!

  • Swimming – If your pup enjoys the water, take him swimming with you! Calm waters such as ponds, lakes and pools are a great way to introduce your dog to large bodies of water.
  • Go to the Park – Whether it’s a city park or a dog park, your dog will have fun meeting other dogs, sitting with you on a picnic blanket, playing catch, and more!
  • Go for a Walk – Go for a walk, either at a local beach, national park or just around your city! Bring ample supply of water for your furry friend with either a collapsible water dish or other means to easily give your dog.
  • Drive-in movie – Would it be summer without going to the drive-in? Bring your pup with you! Watching a movie is great bonding time with your dog. This is also a great chance for him to socialize with other dogs and people before the movie begins.
  • Camping – If you and your dog like the outdoors, why not bring him out camping for a night or two? The fresh outdoors and peace of the wilderness can be a fun and relaxing experience!
  • Get Ice Cream – Many ice cream shops offer doggie ice cream options or dog-safe frozen treats for him to enjoy. Perfect on a hot summer day!
  • Car Cruise – Does your dog like car rides? Explore back roads with the window down and remember to properly secure him in his seat.
  • Go out for Dinner – More and more restaurants are allowing dogs to sit beside your table on their outdoor patios.
  • Shopping malls – Many shopping malls, both indoor and outdoor, allow dogs to be by your side. In fact, many outdoor shopping malls even leave water bowls out for dogs incase it’s really hot!
  • Sprinkler Fun – Sprinklers are a fun way to entertain your pup! Set up a sprinkler in your yard and let your pup play while staying cool!

This is just a glimpse of the fun activities you can do with your pup this summer. Whether your pup goes swimming or is playing in the yard outside, he will likely get dirty. From his face to his tail, he may be covered in water, debris, dirt, and mud. After giving him a bath, don’t forget to clean his ears! At Ark Naturals, we make a product that is an all-natural herbal extract that cleans the ears without drying or burning. Ears All Right helps remove wax, dirt, and foreign debris, while also helps heal and prevent infection from minor scratches and insect bites. Being warm and moist, your pup’s ears are a breeding ground for bacteria, so by cleaning them with this gentle ear-cleaning lotion, his ears will stay clean and healthy after all your summer trips.


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