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Asta What? - The Best Kept Dog Dental Cleaning Secret and Why Your Pup Needs It

You may have heard of it before, but if not, let us introduce you to nature’s most powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin (as-ta-zan-thin). If you’re a lover of seafood, you might already be familiar with Astaxanthin and its benefits (fun fact: it’s the reason why salmon is pink!), but you must be wondering what it has to do with your beloved pup. The answer is simple: Astaxanthin is our small but mighty secret ingredient that is dedicated to protecting your pup’s teeth from the inside out.  

Make Tooth Brushing Time With Your Dog a Breeze 

We know how difficult it can be to manage stinky dog breath and dental hygiene, especially when tooth brushing time can be messy and frustrating for both you and your dog. That’s where our Protection+ Brushless Toothpaste comes in. Gone are the days when you had to bribe your pup with treats in order to brush their teeth. With Protection+, all it takes is one dental chew up to two times a day to better protect your pup from future dental problems down the road. This is truly a chew for you and your dog to smile about! 

How Does it Work? 

Our 5-in-1 Protection+ Brushless Toothpaste is an action-packed dog dental chew that is so powerful, it doesn’t matter how long your pup chews it to get the benefits! Just by ingesting the chew, Protection+ gets to work by boosting antibodies in their saliva to create a protective barrier around your dog’s teeth. This STOPS plaque and tartar from sticking and ever coming back! The astaxanthin we use in our Protection+ Brushless Toothpaste is sourced from algae that’s grown in Washington state, in an indoor cultivation zone (making it safe from contaminants), is natural, non-GMO, and offers premium levels of protection. It may be tricky to say, but when added to our Protection+ dental chews, astaxanthin has a mouthful of benefits for your pup!  

5-in-1 Protection+ Brushless Toothpaste: 

  • Stops plaque and tartar before they start.
  • Supports healthy gums with antioxidant powder.
  • Forms protective barrier to support teeth.
  • Toothpaste center provides polishing action.
  • Breath fresheners: cinnamon, clove, vanilla. 

So, if you’re looking to introduce something new to your dog’s dental regimen, try Protection+! Your dog’s teeth will thank you. Happy chewing!