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Fall Activities: No Tricks, All the Treats!

It's that time of year! My humans are obsessed with those big orange round-things again, everything smells like cinnamon, and I've got an all-new wardrobe. Sweaters, bandanas, collars, you name it—it has a pumpkin on it. That's not all! 

Now the humans are taking me for so many walks in the cool weather, I don't know how I'll keep up! All I know is I am loving all the extra attention and the new smells. I can't wait to see what else my humans have in store. 


Are these the thoughts running through your dog's head this time of year? We know they love this season just as much as you do, so it's no surprise you're looking to give them a perfect experience.

Ready for some fall and Halloween spirit? Here are some activities you and your pup will fall for: 

Visit a Dog-Friendly Pumpkin Patch

Picture this: you're walking through a farm with your pup. You inhale the crisp air and open your eyes to see pumpkins stacked and neatly placed all around. Your sight lands on the perfect pumpkin—not too big, not too small. You set your pup down next to it for a photo, which will obviously be your new phone background. See? a pumpkin patch is the perfect setting for a magical experience. 

A pumpkin patch also makes a wonderful background for festive photos. You already know your pet is a star, why not show the world with some fall-fitting photo ops? Dress them up for the occasion and bring your camera for some festive photos among the pumpkins. Don't forget a toy or snack to grab their attention for the camera (we find a Joint "Rescue" square does the trick!). Since most pumpkin patches are hosted by operating farms, be sure to check the farm's website to ensure the patch is pup-friendly. 

The appeal of a pumpkin patch doesn't end with just pumpkins. The farms hosting the patches often have other activities just steps away, making for an exciting all-day event. There really is something for everyone! Your pup will love all of the news smells, and you'll love the experience of picking the perfect pumpkin with them—which leads us to the next activity on the list...

Have a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Challenge your friends! Try to capture your pet's likeness in a pumpkin, then compare them to your pup-kin creation. You can also carve a paw print or your pup's favorite toy to spice it up. This is a fun way to show off your pet and your pumpkin carving skills. Don't forget to tag @arknaturals in your pictures for a chance to be featured on our Instagram stories!

Take a Hike!

Is there a better way to embrace the nice weather than a hike? Whether you live near mountains or flat trails, there's a lot to love about hiking with your pup. Push yourself and your dog to reach new heights—literally! Just be careful to take into account the effects of cold weather on your pup's joints, especially if you're reaching higher altitudes.  

Do you notice the aches and pains associated with cold weather? You may not have realized, but your pup does too! As much fun as cold weather can be, it's also a direct cause of joint inflammation and discomfort. Before you depart for your hiking adventure, be sure to give your pup a Joint "Rescue" square. The glucosamine in the supplement may help reduce inflammation, aches, and pain. Your pup—and their joints—will thank you!

Binge Your Favorite Halloween Movies

Did you know that dogs do watch TV? That's right—dogs are able to tell what they're looking at on-screen. This means you and your pup can both enjoy the modern tradition of binging Halloween movies!

A Halloween movie marathon is exactly what you and your pup need to wind down after all of your daily endeavors. So, grab a blanket and hop on your couch for some snuggle time and spooky films!

 Find Your Dog the Perfect Costume

What's cuter than dogs in costumes? Oh, yeah...Nothing! How ever you choose to celebrate Halloween this year, incorporating a costume for your pet will bring a smile to everyone's face. Whether you are purchasing one or making it yourself, you can't go wrong. If you're looking for a simple DIY project, there are countless fun and easy costumes you can make from scratch, such as this tried and true Beanie Babies costume



 Here are some of our favorites:

No matter the theme, fabric, style, or size—your pup will feel loved and boo-tiful in any costume you choose for them!

Get Fido Ready to Trick-or-Treat! 

Halloween is the holiday of tricks and treats, so it's no shock that you're looking for the perfect treat for your pup (especially if they've been putting up with several costume changes!). Maybe you've considered the festive and limited edition treats on the market—but have you thought about what's really in your pet's treats? How many of those ingredients can you pronounce? 

The spookiest part? Most treats offer little nutritional value. Sure, it's a "treat", but your pet deserves the best.

There must be something that looks like a treat, tastes like a treat, but doesn't have all of the nonessential and unhealthy ingredients of a treat...right? What about a yummy square that may prevent joint issues and pain later on?

This Isn't a Trick OR a Treat

Remember the Joint "Rescue" squares we mentioned earlier? These natural functional supplements are full of all the good stuff to keep your pet feeling their best on Halloween night—no matter how much trick-or-treating you have planned.

The not-so-secret ingredient, sea cucumber, maximizes mobility with joint-soothing properties helps soothe the source of joint issues—not the symptoms. The best part? Dogs love the taste of the four yummy flavors: Chicken, Beef, Lamb, and Venison. While Joint "Rescue" isn't a "treat," it sure tastes like one! 

Bone Appetit!