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We love talking about our pups and are always thankful for the four legged friends that support us at work and play. Whether they are helping around the office or holding down the fort at home they will always be part of the Ark team. Here are a few of our favorite office pups!



Kerri & Freckles the Cocker Spaniel

He didn’t get the name “Freckstar” for no reason. Freckles is the show stopper, stud muffin, confident hunk of a man. Just a bat of his beautiful long eyelashes and he’s got all the girls wrapped around his little paw. But! You won’t catch him straying too far from mom. He’s happy, spoiled and the best cuddle bug mom could find!

Freckles office duties include: actor and model for all Ark Naturals major projects.


Ali, Nina and Nico the Chihuahua's 

small black chihuahua with a green harness in a park on a cement block Nina is the quiet cool girl. She spends her weekends rollerblading at the hottest spot in town and won’t be caught dead without her custom made collar and leash. Sometimes her mom overcrowds her with her helicopter parental tendencies, but Nina quickly forgives her because she’s her BFF. Nico is the newest member of the Ark family, but with big sister Nina to guide him the way, he will be up and running the office in no time! Nico is the energy of the office and is good at telling you when there are guests at the front door. 

Nina and Nico's office duties include: stocking pup pouches for local events and taste testing the samples.



Alexis & Leia the Maltipoo

Leia might be new to the pack but will be ready to run the show in no time! This girl has a lot to learn, but mom makes sure she’s staying on track and can grow up to be her best self. Don’t let her shy front fool ya – once she warms up to you, her adorable little wet nose will be nestled in your neck in no time.

Leia's office duties include: meeting support assistant and office entertainment. 


Lera & Bo the Shiba mix 

Bo is the high energy, full spirited friendly guy who loves attention from anyone. You can catch him hitting all the hottest dog parks all around Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater! Bo is the newest member of our pack, but is settling in nicely. 

Bo's office duties include: Mail retriever