Eye See You: Clean Your Dog’s Eyes with Eyes So Bright

Eye See You: Clean Your Dog’s Eyes with Eyes So Bright

Dogs’ eyes are amazing. They have a larger field of vision than humans, and they can see better than us at night. So, it’s our job to help keep these eyes so bright with Ark Naturals’ Eyes So Bright! Dogs’ eyes can tell us a lot about their health, so it’s essential we pay attention to their eyes, and help them stay clean and healthy with the right eye wash!

Day-to-day, dogs get into messes that will get their faces covered in who knows what! Eyes so Bright is a natural botanical formula that gently cleans your dog’s eyes from encrustations that build up in the mucous membranes.

To use Eyes So Bright:

  • Pour Eyes So Bright onto clean cotton ball.
  • Place over eye area and allow the liquid to seep into eye area.
  • Repeat 2 times per day for several days or until there is improvement.

To avoid transferring dirt, debris or encrustations use a separate cotton ball on each eye. For maintenance, use this once each week. It’s so easy to use!

The natural ingredients in Eyes So Bright are safe and gentle on your dog’s eyes, quickly cleaning any dirt or debris away! This product contains aloe vera juice, witch hazel, and our most special ingredient: goldenseal extract , which is a great natural anti-microbial, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory. This eye wash is safe to use on dogs 12 weeks and older.

Get those sharp eyes glistening again with Eyes So Bright!

Click the Eyes So Bright page to order the product.  Click our dog wellness page for more products to help your pooch.

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