Say Cheese: Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy  

Say Cheese: Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy  

How great is it when you watch a dog smiling? It’s pure bliss! With those pearly whites sticking out, you want to make sure they’re looking (and feeling) their best. Just like you, your pup’s oral hygiene is important. Healthy chompers lead to a healthy dog overall!

With a few simple steps, you can take care of your dog’s teeth to help prevent any serious teeth or gum issues. At Ark Naturals, we take pride in creating products that help keep our pets happy and healthy. Below, are some tips on how to keep your dog’s teeth clean.  

  1. Dental Check Ups and Cleanings at the Vet — The vet knows best! Let the vet know everything you’re doing and using to clean your dog’s teeth. The vet will have tips and suggestions for you.
  2. Dog chews/bones/toysMany dog bones and dog chew toys can help strengthen your dog’s teeth and gums. The chewing action helps get rid of buildup on teeth.  
  3. Dog Dental Products – Your dog can help take care of his own teeth with a dog chewable treat or dental product. At Ark Naturals, we have a few products that reduce plaque and tartar build up. 

Brushless-Toothpaste – This is a dental chew for your dog with a patented design that has a soft toothpaste center to help fight plaque, tartar and bacteria. It is made from L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (a source of vitamin C), sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate (help abrasive action), alfalfa (source of chlorophyll) cinnamon, vanilla, clove (all freshen breath and taste great!).

Plaque-Zapper – This is a natural dental product that you just add to water. It’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless so your pup won’t even know he’s taking something good for him while it helps prevent dental decay, plaque, tartar, and bad breath.  

Gray Muzzle Brushless Toothpaste – These are “senior-friendly” dental chewables. They also help control plaque and tarter. They have dentally-helpful ingredients formulated for older dogs, especially dogs with gum tenderness and/or missing teeth.   

Click the links above to learn more about these dental products, including information on their ingredients and usage!

Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean with Ark Naturals  

Remember to keep an eye on your dog’s teeth. When you brush, he should brush! Preventative care will help keep your dog’s teeth shiny and pain free! When using Ark Naturals dental products, you and your pup will be smiling all day long! Click our dog wellness page for more products to help your pooch.  

Ark Naturalsis the preeminent brand of health and wellness products for pets. Ark Naturals has created and produced highly effective formulas for over 20 years.  Our products are designed to offer natural remedies for an array of pet care needs including oral care (dental), joint relief, skin & coat remedies, cognitive function, calming, digestion, and overall wellness. All-natural products and revolutionary formulas provide a better, more fulfilling life for your pet.  


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