New: Joint Rescue Sweet Potato & Cranberry

New: Joint Rescue Sweet Potato & Cranberry

New Joint Rescue Products!

Joint Rescue – Sweet Potato — $15.50

Joint Rescue – Cranberry — $15.50

Check your local pet store for these new meat-free joint products! They are also available from our online store.

Visit our store locator to find stores near you that carry Ark Naturals products. For a look at all available Sea “Mobility” Joint Rescue flavors, click here. You can also purchase our joint products at Chewy.com.

Studies show that adding glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM to your pet’s diet can ease joint discomfort, but making pet food or treats palatable is tricky. Some pets have sensitivities to certain ingredients – beef, chicken, rabbit, lamb, duck, or other meat proteins can aggravate their bellies.

A joint product that solves both joint distress and belly discomfort has been noticeably absent from the natural pet marketplace.  Ark Naturals has tackled and solved this problem and proudly introduces two new Sea “Mobility” Joint Rescue products, Sweet Potato and Cranberry – both are MEAT-FREE and both are flavors that dogs love.

Studies have shown that between 10-20% of all dogs have some type of meat intolerance.  Studies have also shown that between 20-90% of dogs (and a smaller number of cats) suffer from joint maladies.

Unlike virtually all products with glucosamine (and other ingredients with joint proven success), Ark Naturals is the only company in the pet marketplace to include not only the mg (weight or amount of glucosamine), but also the efficacy (99.9% pure) of the nutraceuticals in their formula.  As we all know – weight/amount has nothing to do with effectiveness.

While the palatability might make it seem like a “treat” (because pets love the taste), Ark Naturals’ product is NOT a treat.  The goal of Sea Mobility Joint Rescue is as its names implies – rescue.




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