Ouch: Help Dog Joint Pain with Chewables

Ouch: Help Dog Joint Pain with Chewables

Ouch, mom! That hurts! Joint pain is no fun for anyone, including your pup!

As dogs get older, many of them experience joint pain. Years of running and jumping can take a toll on the joints. Joint issues can make a dog feel pain and stiffness.  Walking, running, jumping, and even lying down are now hard tasks for your dog. The stairs? Forget about it! With bad joints, the stairs are nearly an impossible task.  As your dog’s joints worsen, he may even hold his limbs up.

Bigger, heavier breeds of dogs, like Rottweilers, have higher incidence of joint issues.

If you believe your dog is experiencing joint pain, you should talk to your vet so he or she can determine the exact cause of your dog’s pain and the severity of the issue.

After meeting with the vet, he or she will suggest either surgical or non-surgical options based on your dog’s symptoms. Often, the vet will suggest a diet or supplements that can help decrease inflammation in the joints.

Gray Muzzle offers Old Dogs! Happy Joints!, which is a “senior friendly” bite-size soft chewable. This chew helps dogs with mobility, flexibility and discomfort because it’s made with glucosamine and chondroitin, which are known to decrease inflammation.

Ark Naturals also produces Sea Mobility Joint Rescue, which are soft chews (meat and meat-free flavors) that help with mobility and flexibility; these chews are good for dogs with active lifestyles and any age-related mobility issues. They also contain the inflammatory-fighting ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin.

Ark Naturals is the preeminent brand of health and wellness products for pets. Ark Naturals has created and produced highly effective formulas for over 20 years.  Our products are designed to offer natural remedies for an array of pet care needs including oral care (dental), joint relief, skin & coat remedies, cognitive function, calming, digestion, and overall wellness. All-natural products and revolutionary formulas provide a better, more fulfilling life for your pet.

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