P.U.: How Can I Help My Dog’s Bad Gas?

P.U.: How Can I Help My Dog’s Bad Gas?

Ugh! What is that smell? Aw man, it’s the dog again!

Does this sound familiar to you? Gas is normal, but excessive flatulence isn’t too pleasing on your nostrils and it may be a sign of something going on in your pup’s digestive system. We must care about what’s going on in our gut, and in our dogs’ gut too!

So, what can you do to reduce your dog’s flatulence? Before you do anything, take your dog to the vet to rule out any serious medical issues. Once you and your vet figure out the potential culprit of your pup’s gas, you can begin to change things in her daily life that will hopefully reduce the gas you’re smelling and he is experiencing!

One thing you can do to help your pup is purchase a probiotic and prebiotic.  A probiotic and prebiotic assist in food digestion, and can be helpful for periodic issues of gas, flatulence, smelly and irregular stools. They also help with digestion and absorption of critical nutrients.

Ark Naturals’ Gentle Digest capsules and soft chews  promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria, which helps to aid digestion by breaking down food into nutrients that can be easily absorbed. Gentle Digest contains prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics provides a source of beneficial intestinal bacteria and helps to encourage their growth. Prebiotics help stimulate the growth and/or activity of probiotics.

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Ark Naturals is the preeminent brand of health and wellness products for pets. Ark Naturals has created and produced highly effective formulas for over 20 years.  Our products are designed to offer natural remedies for an array of pet care needs including oral care (dental), joint relief, skin & coat remedies, cognitive function, calming, digestion, and overall wellness. All-natural products and revolutionary formulas provide a better, more fulfilling life for your pet.

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