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The Ark Story

Keep your pup “Healthy from Tooth to Tail®” with Ark Naturals’ premium pet products. From dental to joint to wellness, we strive to keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible throughout every life stage.

We Never Compromise

Even as we grow, we’re forever committed to providing the highest quality products for your pups to enjoy. We don’t cut corners and we never compromise when it comes to ingredients. Our dogs are more than our pets; after all, they’re family and family deserves the best.

Healthy from Tooth to Tail

Our dogs are as unique as we are, which is why we’re proud to offer a chew for every pup no matter where they are in life. From preventative dental chews to protect those pearly whites to senior-formulated joint support chews to maximize mobility, Ark Naturals is your one-stop shop for your dog’s whole health needs.

Ark News

Thankful for Our Best Friends.

Featured Story

"We love talking about our pups and are always thankful for the four legged friends that support us at work and play. Whether they are helping around the office or holding down the fort at home they will always be part of the Ark team. Here are a few of our favorite office pups!"

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Hand-picked seeds

Every type of seeds is sorted carefully via our proven method to choose the best one with exeptional quality index to be strong and enduring.


Planting & growth with love

Every member of our family is dedicated to particular type of plants and everyone is pationated about its growth period taking care during it to get the best possible harvest.


Meticilous harvest process

A lot of efforts is put into last pre-harvest and harvest seasons to gather as much products as possible elliminating any demange to the final product.