Pet Dental Health Month: Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

Pet Dental Health Month: Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

It’s Pet Dental Health Month. Don’t ignore your dog’s REALLY bad breath! This odor could be a sign of some serious teeth or gum problems. Pet Dental Month was started to address the significance of oral health care for pets. It’s important for pet owners to learn how to improve the dental (and overall) health of their pets.

Just like you, your pup’s oral hygiene is important! This is one aspect of a dog’s health that often gets overlooked, but it is crucial to his overall health.  By the age of 3, 80 percent of dogs show signs of gum disease. Bacteria in a dog’s mouth can cause bad breath, painful teeth, abscesses, and even lead to jaw, heart, kidney, and liver complications.

Thankfully, there are ways you can take care of your dog’s teeth throughout his life to help prevent him from developing a serious health complication. Although not all dental issues can be prevented, there is a lot you can do to keep your dog’s teeth clean.

At Ark Naturals, we take pride in creating products that help keep our pets happy and healthy. Below, we wanted to share some tips on how you can keep your dog’s teeth clean.

  1. Get Dental Check Ups and Cleanings at the Vet

Set up a professional dental cleaning appointment and check in with your vet. Not only with the vet clean your dog’s teeth, but he or she will check for dental issues. The vet does know best, and is experienced in this area.  Let you vet know everything you are doing and using on your dog’s teeth like dog dental products, bones, and toys.

  1. Use Dog Dental Products

Your dog can take care of his own teeth easily with a dog chewable treat or dental product. At Ark Naturals, we have a few products that reduce plaque and tartar build up. Ark Naturals encourages you to build the same oral care regimen with your dog that you do for yourself.  Just like brushing your teeth twice daily, we recommend giving your dog a dental treat twice daily.

                Breath-Less Chewable Brushless-ToothpasteThis is a dental chew for your dog. It’s a patented toothpaste for plaque, tartar and bacteria control.

                Breath-Less Plaque-ZapperThis is a natural dental product that you just add to water. It helps prevent dental decay, plaque, tartar, and bad breath.

                Gray Muzzle Brushless ToothpasteThese are “senior-friendly” dental chewables. They also help control plaque and tarter. They have dentally-helpful ingredients formulated for older dogs, especially dogs with gum tenderness and/or missing teeth.

  1. Purchase a Dog Chew Bone or Toy

Many dog bones and dog chew toys can help strengthen your dog’s teeth and gums. The chewing on the bones and toys help get rid of buildup on teeth.

Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean with Ark Naturals

Pay attention to your dog’s teeth regularly so you can catch any problems that are developing early on. If your dog has bad breath, bleeding gums, inflamed gums, difficult chewing, or paws at his mouth, these are all signs there is something wrong. Remember, vet checkups are important, and talking with you vet about any dental and health decisions regarding your pet is essential to his or her health.

Ark Naturals makes natural products that allow pets to enjoy a better quality of life, which helps owners feel rest assured that they have cared for their pets in the best way possibly by choosing natural alternatives for dental, joint, skin & coat, cognitive, calming, skin, digestion, and overall wellness care. Click here to view and purchase Ark Natural’s dental products for dogs. For other wellness dog products, click here.

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