Question about Borage Oil in Ark Naturals Product

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arkadmin Staff asked 3 years ago

Is the Borage Oil that Ark Naturals uses refined?

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arkadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

“All oils are refined, even those saying unrefined.  Oil must be cleaned and filtered, for example or it would be full of floating chaff.
It is just a question of how much they are refined.”
Borage oil is highly polyunsaturated, so is delicate and can’t take much refining other than cool pressing, filtering and gentle clarifying.   Our suppliers don’t use harsh heat, chemical refining, or bleaching/deodorizing.  This would destroy exceptional therapeutic value of the gamma-linolenic acid. This type of refining is only utilized for commercial cooking and frying oil. “
SOURCE: From our Biochemist:
Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst, Ph.D
Environmental Microbiology and Food Safety Laboratory