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Favorite Holiday Traditions to Include Your Pet In   

Holidays are best spent with family, friends, and of course our pets! We are all proud pet parents here at Ark Naturals and anytime we can include them on festivities is a time well spent. We asked our office what their favorite holiday traditions they include their pet and compiled the list below.

#1 Bake festive dog treats. Our favorite recipe is one by Lola the Pitty.

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Dog Days: Tampa Pup Meetups
With Thanksgiving quickly approaching it is fitting to post about our favorite Ark Naturals human team’s favorite companion! We love talking about our pups and are always thankful for the four legged friends that support us at work and play. Whether they are helping around the office or holding down the fort at home they will always part of the Ark team. Here are a few of our favorite office pups!
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Tooth Truths: Facts About Dog Teeth

How much do you know about your dog’s teeth? It’s ok to admit it…you love when you catch your dog “smiling,” but you probably don’t know much about his pearly whites. At Ark Naturals, we take pride in creating products that help keep our pets happy and healthy, including dental products. Below are some fun facts about dogs’ teeth.

  • Dogs have 42 permanent teeth – 20 on the top, and 22 on the bottom.
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Brush Up: Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

Twice a day, just like mom! Just like you, your pup’s oral hygiene is important! This is one aspect of a dog’s health that often gets overlooked, but it is crucial to his overall health.

Thankfully, there are ways you can take care of your dog’s teeth throughout his life to help prevent him from developing a serious health complication. Although not all dental issues can be prevented, there is a lot you can do to keep your dog’s teeth clean.

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