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10 Pet Safety Tips for Fourth of July

Fireworks. Cookouts. Warm weather. Patriotic music. Pool parties. Fun in the sun. Fourth of July is one of the most enjoyable holidays to gather with your loved ones. Unfortunately, the holiday can be scary and potentially dangerous for our pets. Here are some Fourth of July pet safety tips to remember during your holiday celebrations, so you can have a fun and hazardous-free time with your pet.

  • Keep your pet away from alcoholic beverages.
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Tooth Truths: Facts About Dog Teeth

How much do you know about your dog’s teeth? It’s ok to admit it…you love when you catch your dog “smiling,” but you probably don’t know much about his pearly whites. At Ark Naturals, we take pride in creating products that help keep our pets happy and healthy, including dental products. Below are some fun facts about dogs’ teeth.

  • Dogs have 42 permanent teeth – 20 on the top, and 22 on the bottom.
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Dog Gone Problems: Dealing with Your Dog’s Excessive Licking

Most of us have a bad habit. Biting your fingernails? Picking your nose? Swearing? Well, your dog can have a bad habit too: excessive licking! All dogs lick, but it can become troubling when they do it too much.

Why is your dog excessively licking himself? It could be a medical reason. Your dog could be licking at his fur because of allergies, an infection, pain from arthritis, or gastrointestinal issues.

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