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Best Games to Play With your Pup While Tailgating

Snacks? Check. Drinks? Check. Jersey? heck. Hot dogs? Check. The pup? Come on, boy! It’s time to go have some fun! He’s so excited to represent his favorite team with his very own jersey. This is the best time of year! Fall weather. Football. Friends.

Upon arriving to the tailgate spot and it’s time to setup. Unpack the food, set up the games and dedicate a nice shaded area for the pup. During setup it’s important to remember to avoid feeding your dog foods such as,

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Bugs Be Gone: Flea and Tick Aftercare

After a long day of fun in the sun, it’s time to pack up and go home. Finally get settled, sit down to relax and notice the pup is scratching more often than normal. You briefly check your dog for fleas by looking beneath the fur and onto their skin. There it is. Black specs fall out and onto the floor.

There are plenty of methods you can do to rid your dog of fleas and ticks.

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The “Bite” On Fleas and Ticks

Every pet parent is cautious of fleas and ticks. Nobody wants to talk about it because it makes us feel like we failed at protecting our loved ones. We do everything we can to prevent any infestation of fleas and ticks with skin treatments each month, tablets, collars, and sprays.

But these guys are ruthless and they’re only after one thing: blood. Once they find their host, they live their life in the lap of luxury.

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