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The “Bite” On Fleas and Ticks

Every pet parent is cautious of fleas and ticks. Nobody wants to talk about it because it makes us feel like we failed at protecting our loved ones. We do everything we can to prevent any infestation of fleas and ticks with skin treatments each month, tablets, collars, and sprays.

But these guys are ruthless and they’re only after one thing: blood. Once they find their host, they live their life in the lap of luxury.

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Doggy Day Out: Let’s Go on an Adventure! 

It’s that familiar sound of jingling keys. Your dog knows when you are getting ready to leave. He senses it. Mom is putting on her sunscreen? Dad’s putting on pants? Oh boy! This could be the best day ever… or the worst.

The true test of time is if either one of them reaches for the Holy Grail… the leash. Not only does it tell him that he’s tagging along for the adventure,

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Diving for a Cause: Labor Day Pups

We’re celebrating Labor Day the best way we know how. Highlighting dogs, of course! One of our favorite pups is Lila. You may have seen her diving for lobsters with her owner, Alex Schulze a few years ago. Now, he is taking her diving skill and using it for a cause! He has made her an honorary member of his movement, 4Ocean.


Originally from Boca Raton, Florida, they started their journey cleaning up the beaches of south Florida,

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Ark Naturals Success Story: Joints

“When I was just a puppy my mom found out I had a luxating patella because I would run and lift my back paw as if I was hurt.

We went to the vet and foudog joint issuesnd out that the luxating patella (or known as floating kneecap) means my knees pops out of their sockets, and is a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location.

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It (might not be) right under your nose!

You know that feeling that something isn’t right with your pup? You notice things are different and might not be threatening enough for a vet visit. Still something isn’t right. So here you are standing in front of your dog trying to decide what to do. Which brings you here to this article. Thanks for joining us, I think we can help you. 🙂

Here’s the scoop.

Just like humans who might not follow the strict guidelines of the food pyramid,

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What Goes In… Must Come Out

Picture this: You have all your closest friends over at your house to hang out, and then BAM! A musty silent-but-deadly cloud of stench invades your nose that clears the room. You apologize for the dog. Embarrassing, right? To be honest, what comes out of our pup is the easiest (and grossest) way to determine what might be missing in his diet. So here it goes, the smelly truth about what’s needed in our pups gut.

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Tummy Troubles: Ways to Help Your Dog’s Digestion

No one likes a stomach ache. Food doesn’t always sit right with us, or for our dogs. Just like us, different foods and habits can lead our dogs to feeling bloated or uncomfortable. Although having gas and flatulence are normal, excessive digestion issues can be a problem. Fortunately, there’s ways you can help your dog have a happy tummy again! Below, we wanted to share why your dog may have digestion trouble and different ways you can help make it better.

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P.U.: How Can I Help My Dog’s Bad Gas?

Ugh! What is that smell? Aw man, it’s the dog again!

Does this sound familiar to you? Gas is normal, but excessive flatulence isn’t too pleasing on your nostrils and it may be a sign of something going on in your pup’s digestive system. We must care about what’s going on in our gut, and in our dogs’ gut too!

So, what can you do to reduce your dog’s flatulence? Before you do anything,

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