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Puppies and Pumpkins: Fun Fall Activities to do with Your Dog

The weather is cooling down, leaves are changing and falling, pumpkin spice flavors are everywhere, so you know what that means…Fall is officially here! Fall is also a great time of year for you to get out and have some fun adventures with your favorite dog pal. During this season, the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, so you’re able to be outdoors without you or your furry friend being too uncomfortable.

For this article,

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Claws Out: Ways to Keep Your Cat from Scratching the Furniture

“No…no… Don’t do it! Stop! Stop!” …. Sigh.

Does this sound like something you’ve yelled out to your cat before? Most likely, it’s because you’ve got a scratching problem. Your beautiful armchair is ruined. The couch has seen better days. It seems like your cat is scratching everything but her scratching post! Ironic, right?

Unfortunately for you and your furniture, scratching is a normal cat behavior. However, your favorite little feline isn’t trying to maliciously destroy your home.

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Get Your Pet-Tech On: Must-Have Apps for Pet Parents

There’s an app for everything these days…even for your furry baby! Yes, that’s right. There are endless apps out there dedicated to help pet parents with their four-legged companions.  Your pet is a member of your family, and there’s plenty to remember to do with and for them. From going on walks to playing catch to feeding them and bringing them to the vet, there’s a lot of responsibility with owning a pet. Thankfully, as a pet owner,

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50 Tethered Pets

50 Tethered Pets

Last month, over 50 animals were found tethered to trees — abandoned in Palm Beach county, as hurricane Irma approached and residents evacuated. Rescuers scrambled to recover these poor, defenseless animals quickly before Irma’s harsh winds made it too dangerous to continue their efforts.

Of course, this type of story can shock us and cause us to react in disgust, bewilderment, or anger, but it also raises an important question:

Why would someone leave their pet behind?

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“Dad, I’m Bored!”: How to Entertain Your Dog When You’re Not Home

Loyal. Reliable. Loving. Fun. Sweet. Handsome. We’re just describing…. the perfect dog! Your pooch certainly loves your attention and spending time with you – there’s a reason he’s called “man’s best friend,” after all! Dogs require a lot of time, attention, and love from their owners. However, there are certain breeds that require even more attention than others, including: huskies, pugs, Dalmatians, Labrador retrievers, Yorkshire terriers, and border collies. If you have one of these breeds,

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Frisky Feline: Fun Games to Play with Your Cat

Move over Fido! Cats can play too! There’s a reason cats are often associated with the word “frisky.” Cats are playful, curious animals – we all remember Garfield. It’s in their blood to pursue prey, so they love when their owners spend time playing with them! Playing games with your cat (or cats) is a great way to bond with him or her. If you have a kitten, it’s especially important to schedule play time;

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Woof Woof: Got a Barking Problem?

A dog without a bark is like tree with no leaves! Something is missing! All dogs are different. Barking is more common with some breeds than with others. For example, Collies aren’t known to be silent, but usually only bark when they really have something to say; Mastiffs rarely raise their voices; Great Danes are known to be the quietest of all dogs, while Beagles are known to be extremely vocal.

Whether you hate barking or don’t mind it,

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Dirty Dog: Tips for Bath Time With Your Smelly Pup

Mud. Drool. Leaves. Dust. Sand. Food. You name it, your dog will have it on him when he is having fun! Dogs get dirty – that’s a fact. When you can smell your furry little companion from across the room, you know it’s time for a bath. Do you really want his stinky, filthy little paws crawling all over you? Or in your bed? We think not!

Bath time can be a really tiring,

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