Doggy Day Out: Let’s Go on an Adventure! 

Doggy Day Out: Let’s Go on an Adventure! 

It’s that familiar sound of jingling keys. Your dog knows when you are getting ready to leave. He senses it. Mom is putting on her sunscreen? Dad’s putting on pants? Oh boy! This could be the best day ever… or the worst.

The true test of time is if either one of them reaches for the Holy Grail… the leash. Not only does it tell him that he’s tagging along for the adventure, but the leash symbolizes trust. For you, it’s knowing it’ll keep him out of harm’s way and for him it’s a guide. When you clip the leash to his collar, he looks up to you, ready for the best day ever.

You have the plan and he’s ready for anything. Climbing a mountain? No problem! Swimming in the ocean? You got it! Going to the Dog Park? Super! Today’s adventure is hiking. Water is packed, a compactable water dish for the pup, snacks, poop bags and you’re set. You have the perfect hiking location in mind. It has ample shade, the ground is just right for your pup’s paws, and has some of the best views! You park the car and clip the leash on right before you hit the trail.

As safe as you keep him, the outdoors is a home to many living things, including fleas and ticks. He sniffs something just right, lifts his leg on that tall shrubby bush, or even brushes against some high grass. “Crap! We’re two weeks overdue for giving him the flea and tick medicine!” you think to yourself. In that moment, this trip has gone from a good day to nothing but worry. You repeatedly say, “Don’t touch that! Stay out of there!” in hopes your pup doesn’t bring any unwanted friends back home.

Then, a few days later, you begin the inspection. There it is. The dreaded black speck locked onto your pup’s fur. Will it be an endless cycle of trying to get rid of them? Should I never take him out of the house again? Have no fear, next week we’ll be talking about some great info on where fleas and ticks are found and helpful tips!


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