We are thankful for our Pups!

We are thankful for our Pups!

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching it is fitting to post about our favorite Ark Naturals human team’s favorite companion! We love talking about our pups and are always thankful for the four legged friends that support us at work and play.  Whether they are helping around the office or holding down the fort at home they will always part of the Ark team. Here are a few of our favorite office pups!


Marissa, Customer Service Specialist | Charlie the German Shepherd

Charlie is the protective couch potato. She enjoys longboarding with her mom and can hear from miles with her radar dish ears. After copious amounts of therapy, she is slowly getting over her mom’s misconception of her gender #notoverit. She gets all the best treats, toys, and food. She wants that toy on the shelf? Mom is on it. Laidback enough to snuggle on the couch, she is protective enough to jump to the rescue if someone gets too close to Mom.

Charlie’s job’s at the office include: napping next to mom, answering phones and retrieving mail.


Kerri, Brand Manager| Freckles the Cocker Spaniel

He didn’t get the name “Freckstar” for no reason. Freckles is the show stopper, stud muffin, confident hunk of a man. Just a bat of his beautiful long eyelashes and he’s got all the girls wrapped around his little paw. But! You won’t catch him straying too far from mom. He’s happy, spoiled and the best cuddle bug mom could find!

Freckles office duties include: actor and model for all Ark Naturals major projects


Ali, Marketing Intern | Nina the Chihuahua

Nina is the quiet cool girl. She spends her weekends rollerblading at the hottest spot in town and won’t be caught dead without her custom made collar and leash. Sometimes her mom overcrowds her with her helicopter parental tendencies, but Nina quickly forgives her because she’s her BFF.

Nina’s office duties include: stocking pup pouches for local events and taste testing the samples


Alex, Marketing Assistant | Farley the Yorkshire Terrier

Farley is the confident heart stopper. He knows exactly when to pull on your heart strings (which so happens to be every time you are walking out the door). Farley spends his days chasing the humans around the house and persuading them to play fetch with him. He loves when his cool uncle is home. He spoils him with all the love and attention he could want, and then some.

Farley hasn’t made his debut at the office yet. He’s so busy helping our operations department procure the best ingredients for all our products that he prefers to work from home.


Alexis, Digital Marketing Manager | Leia the Maltipoo

Leia might be new to the pack but will be ready to run the show in no time! This girl has a lot to learn, but mom makes sure she’s staying on track and can grow up to be her best self. Don’t let her shy front fool ya – once she warms up to you, her adorable little wet nose will be nestled in your neck in no time.

Leia also has not made her debut to the office yet but she put her application in for an internship position, so fingers crossed!


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