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Every pet parent is cautious of fleas and ticks. Nobody wants to talk about it because it makes us feel like we failed at protecting our loved ones. We do everything we can to prevent any infestation of fleas and ticks with skin treatments each month, tablets, collars, and sprays.

But these guys are ruthless and they’re only after one thing: blood. Once they find their host, they live their life in the lap of luxury.

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It’s that familiar sound of jingling keys. Your dog knows when you are getting ready to leave. He senses it. Mom is putting on her sunscreen? Dad’s putting on pants? Oh boy! This could be the best day ever… or the worst.

The true test of time is if either one of them reaches for the Holy Grail… the leash. Not only does it tell him that he’s tagging along for the adventure,

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We’re celebrating Labor Day the best way we know how. Highlighting dogs, of course! One of our favorite pups is Lila. You may have seen her diving for lobsters with her owner, Alex Schulze a few years ago. Now, he is taking her diving skill and using it for a cause! He has made her an honorary member of his movement, 4Ocean.


Originally from Boca Raton, Florida, they started their journey cleaning up the beaches of south Florida,

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