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This article originally appeared on chewy.com.

What Makes a Dog Nose Unique?

You know that your dog has an amazing sense of smell, but have you ever wondered just how amazing it is, and why it’s so much more powerful than a human’s?

To learn some cool facts about the dog sense of smell and how dogs use their noses, we got in touch with sniffer scientist Nathaniel Hall,

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This article originally appeared on chewy.com.

Does Your Dog Perform This Unusual Ritual?

Dog behavior can be puzzling—and pretty funny—at times. If you’ve ever been amused watching your dog undertake the seemingly elaborate preparation for taking a nap, you know what we mean. Turning around in circles before lying down is a “very common behavior in dogs. I have owners ask, ‘Why do dogs circle before lying down?’ all the time,” reports Dr.

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This article originally appeared on chewy.com. 

Contributed by Dr. Alison Birken, owner and DVM of Victoria Park Animal Hospital.

As a small animal veterinarian practicing in hot South Florida, dog hair shedding is one of the most common concerns from my clients. By owning a 150-pound Saint Bernard that belongs in the Arctic, not on the sunny beaches of South Florida, I can totally relate with my pet parents’ frustration when it comes to dog hair shedding.

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