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By Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst, Ph.D.

Powassan Disease, caused by an encephalitis virus, is in the same family as West Nile Disease and St. Louis encephalitis. Encephalitis means brain inflammation. These diseases are rare because the brain is highly protected from the general blood circulation, but when they do occur they can cause permanent brain damage or even death.

The alternate hosts for the ticks that spread this virus are small rodents: squirrels,

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New Joint Rescue Products!

Joint Rescue – Sweet Potato — $15.50

Joint Rescue – Cranberry — $15.50

Check your local pet store for these new meat-free joint products! They are also available from our online store.

Visit our store locator to find stores near you that carry Ark Naturals products. For a look at all available Sea “Mobility”

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By Nancy Scanlan, DVM, MSFP, CVA
Executive Director of the AHVM Foundation

Are all dogs the same size? How about cats? Do they all like the same food? The same toys? Does the couch potato cat that lives only indoors have the same chance of being attacked by the local tomcat as the indoor-outdoor cat? Does the dog even get feline AIDS? Do all animals get the same amount of exercise?

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